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20 September 2004


The FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA proudly presents you with the following information that may add value to Africa's development. Please direct any correspondence to:


This is the second time that I have come to blows with international organisations blatantly exploiting Africa and those who would like to make a difference to her well being.

Just recently I received an "Invitation to Speak at Africa's Definitive Multilateral Business Forum" within the framework of NEPAD - The Republic of Senegal will be hosting this Africa-World Business Congress and 14th Annual General Meeting of the African Business Roundtable on November 16 - 19, 2004 in Dakar.

Needless to say I am always available to serve Africa and her people and gracefully made myself available as speaker.

Soon after I received confirmation of my participation, from the organisers in London, with instructions to pay the sum of £ 2,600-00 into an account at Barclays Bank, Plc Media Banking Centre, 27 Soho London W1D3QR.

I honestly believed this to be one of the many 419 SCAMS currently haunting us all.

Once again I checked the invitation:

Invitation to Speak at Africa's Definitive Multilateral Business Forum

Dear Mr Peter Metcalfe

Within the framework of NEPAD, the Republic of Senegal will be hosting the Africa-World Business Congress and 14th Annual General Meeting of the African Business Roundtable on November 16 - 19, 2004 in Dakar. Please find attached the invitation letter from HE President Abdoulaye Wade, President of the Republic of Senegal and Hon Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Executive President, African Business Roundtable and Chairman, NEPAD Business Group.

With this in mind and as one of the leading global experts on Africa, the organising committee of the event which comprises of: the Presidency of Senegal, Ministry of NEPAD, Good Governance and Public Relations, Republic of Senegal, Africa Business Roundtable, NEPAD, Africa 2005 and ITE Group Plc, we would be delighted if you would consider speaking at this prestigious event on a topic relating to a Development in Africa.

The main aims of the Africa World Business Congress are: to act as a platform for multilateral organisations to discuss enhanced regional co-operation, to be an information guide to companies who are new to the emerging markets of Africa, to provide a stage for African countries to promote inward investment into their countries, to spotlight African exporters and relevant associations and to highlight companies who are already trading successfully in the continent. The congress wants to encourage African - International debate and participation from the public and private sector, with the result being a stimulating discussion and to achieve concrete business deals and solutions.

I am attaching the congress brochure for your information, program schedule and letter of invitation. Due to the volume and high level of speakers expected, call for papers will be closed for this event several months earlier. To guarantee your slot please contact me


The organisers assured me that this sum of £ 2,600-00 - is a "very special" discounted rate!

Please note - I would also be responsible for my own airfare and accommodation as this cost is not included in the £ 2,600-00 fee payable to the organisers to make representation.

What disturbs me most is that this event is endorsed by NEPAD and the ABR who are part of the organising committee!

When do we start considering using our own local event organisers to organise these Africa related events - Should we not be promoting "Made in Africa for Africa"

Efforts to contact someone at NEPAD proved fruitless.

I have now removed this event from our LIST OF EVENTS SERVING AFRICA.

The launch of our FDA Networking Hilton Durban Happy Hour (Durban South Africa) was well received with some 30 guests participating.

I would like to express my gratitude to our Financial Director in Durban - Anil Govind and the management and staff of Hilton Durban South Africa for all the co-operation afforded to this initiative.

The great news is that the FDA will new be presenting these Wednesday FDA Networking Hilton Durban Happy Hours in association with TBDC (Thekwini Business Development Centre) in Durban. The proactive approach of this business development centre could only lead to successful networking and business negotiations. Welcome on board Protas MADLALA - you are an asset to Durban, South Africa and Africa

On Thursday 30 September the FDA in association with City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and the Gauteng North Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GNCCI) will be launching the FDA Networking Function at the Sheraton Hotel Pretoria, South Africa - should you be in Pretoria at that time please participate.

October 2004 will see the launch of FDA Networking Functions in Rustenburg South Africa, Nairobi Kenya and Lagos Nigeria

Do not forget our FDA Networking Hilton Sandton Happy Hour in Sandton South Africa this Wednesday, 22 September.

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Take care


24 September 2004

Dear Mr. Metcalfe,

I read your mail with the above caption and decided to respond due to some misinformation contained therein.

The event in Senegal, tagged the African World Business Congress & Exhibitions incorporating the Annual General Meeting of the African Business Roundtable is not a 'scam or 419' as insinuated by you. That you were requested to pay the sum of #2,600 into a London Account for a speaking opportunity was however misdirected. This privilege is reserved for firms or organizations which may wish to utilize the opportunity provided by the gathering of delegates to promote their products or activities, and the Officer calling you from the London Office might have thought you fell into that category.

As you well know Mr. Metcalfe, organizing an event of such magnitude involves a lot of funds being sunk, which could only be recouped either through sponsorships or delegate fees. It is the practice worldwide, and there is nothing exceptional or fraudulent about this.

Lastly, in this era of globalisation and competitiveness, the cutting edge is performance based service delivery, therefore as an International Organization we do not discriminate on the basis of geographical location to select our partners (who might be event managers for our activities. Our last AGM which took place in Sandton was organized by a South African firm because they knew the terrain. This time around, the firm undertaking the event in Senegal, are quite versatile in the terrain and well known in the international circles as leading event managers in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East. The fact that they have a base in London and for effective coordination chose to operate from there due to the diverse regions of the globe from which delegates and participants are expected, does not in any way put them in any disadvantage. The Company has in its employment numerous professionals from various Countries of Africa. Its African Department has South Africans, Senegalese, Cameroonians, Angolans and Sudanese.

We hope this helps to clarify some misgivings you had.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or queries you may have.


Samuel Ayodele
Manager /Assistant to the President
African Business Roundtable


23 September 2004
Dear Peter Metcalfe,
Absolutely shocking stuff! Anyway thanks Peter for alerting some of us such shameful scams. The pity is this shameful behavior does not help Africa at all.
S.J. Sitta


23 September 2004
Hello Peter
I hope you will not be traped by these creatures. I am very greatfull that you are working for Africa.
Warm regards
Patience Fadzai CHITUKU


22 September 2004
I received your article on Exploiting Africa and cannot agree more with your observation.
Kiringai Kamau
WillPower Business Solutions


22 September 2004
Good for you Peter!
I think this is disgraceful - they should be paying you for your time and expertise.
Theresa de Necker
Vusi Sizwe Holdings (Pty) Ltd
South Africa


22 September 2004
More likely African so-called 'internationals'. In any case I'd be interested to learn whether or not NEPAD had anything to do with the event beyond someone's having used their name.
Best regards,
Daniel STERN Uganda


22 September 2004
Good shot!! Peter. You have my full support on both counts!!!
Chris More
South African International Business Linkages
South Africa


21 September 2004
Dear Peter,
I read you emails but never contact you because it is out of our league really. But I commend your opinion on the cost of the conference at those exorbitant amounts.
Go well,
South Africa


21 September 2004
Well done Peter.
This sort of exploitation needs to be exposed, for the benefit of members who may be in similar situations
Best Regards
Trevor van Niekerk
Group Marketing Manager
Aberdare Cables


20 September 2004
Hi there
Perhaps you should take it up with NEPAD and the other stakeholders.
Also, perhaps the benefit to us members is that we need to be aware of the level of our participation and what commitment that entails when agreeing to be part of such events on the continent.
I look forward to the feedback from NEPAD et all, and the outcome relative to how the organisers' handle the situation.
Nici Columbine
Columbine Communications
South Africa


20 September 2004
Hi Peter,
Thanks for putting a good word in for us event organisers in the industry.
Please keep me in mind if someone asks you for a contact person!
Saret Britz
Rouge Communiqué
South Africa


20 September 2004
Dear Peter,
I was a victim. I am from Ghana and I work with and HIV/AIDS organization. I received and official invitation from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN to attend and AIDS CONFERENCE and I was asked by the organizers to send a conference registration fee for 5 participants.
By the grace of God,I sent only $1.500 as part payment for conference registration and hoping for our invitation letter for our visas.
That is the end of my money no reply till now,and later,I made contacts in the U.S about the conference and it does not exist and it is 419 and my money is gone.
If you need the conference information,I will send it to you.This is not my first time of visiting the U.S so I believe the conference is a real and I paid for the registration fees part payment for the 5 of us.
I will be very happy if we can track this people down and stop this very bad habit which is tanishing the good names of we the black african people.
I am a victim of 419. I have more 419 in my mails now and I do not respond to them. The are devils and we need to track them off.
This are Nigerians and this is their habit most of them are in Ghana Accra doing the same thing.
Hope to read from you and If you need more information,I will send it as urgent.
Bernard Sode


20 September 2004
Hi Peter I love your stance with the Dakar invitation! Well done! Hennie BOTES MOLADI South Africa


20 September 2004
Perchance this invite was NOT "endorsed by NEPAD and the ABR" as you surmise??
Perchance they are really the 419 SCAM artists you suspect.
Again, why are we NOT surprised that you were UNABLE to contact NEPAD !!! My experience is that the NEPAD mob are becoming (if not there already) seriously useless - except of course for drawing their salaries & expense accounts etc etc.
With kind regards
Mike Saner
South Africa


20 September 2004
hi Peter
thanks for this information
GM High Performance Institute
South Africa


20 September 2004
Dear Peter,
I agree with you whole heartedly in removing this type of organisation from your list. Who needs them anyway?
The absolute cheek of the people to expect FDA or Yourself for that matter to pay for the opportunity of addressing such a large gathering of delegates. They had the ideal opportunity of learning first hand how they can assist in promoting and advancing growth in Africa.
Maybe you should reply to them your feelings on the matter and enclose an invoice that they should pay you for sending decline of their offer.
Jan Joubert
South Africa


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